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(6) Embossed Joining Clips


Embossed clips to cover and enhance the integrity of the AlloyGator profile join. Available in 14 stylish colours ranging from discreet black, graphite and silver, through to sky blue and orange.


Embossed Joining Clips

We have created embossed clips to cover and improve the integrity of the AlloyGator profile join. They come in 14 stylish colours to match your chosen AlloyGators colour.

Colours include black, silver, red, graphite, white, yellow, green, blue, purple, sky blue, pink, and orange, bronze and gold.

Using the Embossed Clips

  • You want to create a strong bond between the joining clip and the AlloyGator profile, we suggest you use our specially formulated glue in order to do this.
  • We supply 2g of glue with a full set of 4 AlloyGators.
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