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With all the news about Covid-19 you may be wondering how we are preparing ourselves to ensure accurate and timely service to you. As a business we are working hard to ensure to minimize any potential impact the virus has on our day to day operations.  The health and well being of our staff and customers is our top priority and we are following Government guidelines as they are updated.

As our products are managed by a warehouse with many people, due to the current guidelines in place of social distancing, there may be a delay in getting your product to you.

If you have further questions please of course reach out to us at: [email protected] or call us on 1-855-534-2867.

AlloyGator North America.

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Our gallery images are supplied by our wonderful customers. Take a look at our extensive collection of gallery images to see how our product would look on your pride and joy.

AlloyGator fits 98% of wheel and tyre combinations across vehicle marques Worldwide. Fitting to a wheel and tyre combination that is unsuitable for AlloyGators or fitting to machine polished wheels is advised against by AlloyGator.

Any customers that choose to fit AlloyGators despite our advice is at their own risk. AlloyGator does not accept liability for unsuitable fitting or fitting to machine polished wheels.

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