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Machine Polished Disclaimer

AlloyGator Rim Protectors providing superior protection against curb damage can be installed to Machine Polished/Diamond Cut alloy wheels, however we would draw your attention to the following considerations when purchasing our product.

Installing AlloyGators to Machine Polished/Diamond Cut wheels will not cause damage on their own to the wheel surface and will dramatically reduce the risk of damaging the wheel through curbing and scratching or denting the lacquered surface through impact. However, if there is existing minute lacquer damage to the wheel surface and AlloyGators are installed this may increase the risk of moisture retention which could accelerate further degradation of the lacquer. It is not always possible to identify existing lacquer damage and anyone purchasing our product and arranging installation themselves accepts that AlloyGator Limited has advised of the suitability for installing the product and that we accept no liability for any damage caused to Machine Polished/Diamond Cut wheels when our product is installed.

If you are purchasing your AlloyGators as an installed item, you accept that you have been made fully aware of the suitability conditions in installing our product to machine polished/diamond-cut wheels by the installation outlet. All trade partners listed on our website will have received full training, which includes instructions on installing the product to machine polished/diamond cut wheels. As part of the suitability checking process the qualified installer will ask all customers to sign an our standard confirmation form agreeing that such conditions have been fully explained before any work is undertaken.

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