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With all the news about Covid-19 you may be wondering how we are preparing ourselves to ensure accurate and timely service to you. As a business we are working hard to ensure to minimize any potential impact the virus has on our day to day operations.  The health and well being of our staff and customers is our top priority and we are following Government guidelines as they are updated.

As our products are managed by a warehouse with many people, due to the current guidelines in place of social distancing, there may be a delay in getting your product to you.

If you have further questions please of course reach out to us at: [email protected] or call us on 1-855-534-2867.

AlloyGator North America.


Our AlloyGators were a great investment!

“Our AlloyGators were a great investment! The Customer Service Team helped us find a local fitter and explained everything we needed to know about the product before we made our purchase! We would definitely recommend them!”

Karen and Steve
August 10, 2019

Already saved money

“Just bought a new car and decided to protect the alloys – they have already worked by protecting my front nearside wheel which scraped the curb”

Amazon Customer
May 22, 2018

I love AlloyGators!

“I love AlloyGators! They’re great for protecting your wheels when you’re squeezing into the last space left on a busy road. I really like the bright colours; I like something a bit different.”

March 14, 2018

I love my AlloyGators!

“I love my AlloyGators! They protected my alloy wheels from kerb damage after quite a bit of skidding in the bad weather!”

February 19, 2018

I’ve had my AlloyGators for a year now!

Customer Testimonial“I’ve had my AlloyGators for a year now! They still look great and have protected my alloys from quite a few scrapes. Their online Find a Fitter service meant I could get mine fitted quickly and affordably at a local garage!”

August 4, 2017

AlloyGators are great for protecting your wheels from kerb damage

“AlloyGators are great for protecting your wheels from kerb damage, and they look great too. I’ve tried a few different colours. As they’re so easy to fit, I change them every season!”

June 3, 2017

And let’s be honest, its not always your driving you have to worry about.

My saving has been AlloyGators. These simple devices fit between the rim and the tyre and take the brunt of the kerbing. Garages in the Alloygator fitter network can usually fit them while you wait. It takes less than an hour. You can do it yourself if you’re confident of and save about £40 but if you’re not I wouldn’t recommend it. There’s a knack to getting it right and when well fitted they stay in place and provide the protection you need. I prefer the black but they come in a wide range of colours so you don’t have to be understated if you don’t want to.

And let’s be honest, its not always your driving you have to worry about. In my case there are three other family members who might not fess up when they have whacked the wheels.

Since I have had them fitted to my vehicles they have defended against a few knocks I know about and I’m pretty sure many I don’t and the rims are still in good shape.

At less than £100 a set fitted that’s less than the cost of one- wheel repair and a whole lot less grief.

Mark Goodier
October 3, 2016

They’ve genuinely saved me thousands over the years

‘I’ve lost count of the number of cars I’ve put AlloyGators on and they’ve genuinely saved me thousands over the years. How do I know this? The one time I didn’t get round to fitting them on a Range Rover a certain family member (who shall remain nameless) did all four rims in a week. The wheel refurb cost added up to £500. I think AlloyGators are the best there is.’

Quentin Willson
July 26, 2014

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