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AlloyGator Fitting Kit


The products in the fitting kit have been specially sourced to ensure the fitting process for the AlloyGator is easy and gives you professional results.

AlloyGator Fitting Kit

The AlloyGator Fitting Kit includes everything you need to fit your AlloyGators yourself:

    • 1100g Dead Blow Mallet with a fiber glass handle. Specially developed in weight and composition for the purpose of fitting profiles without damaging them
    • 30ml Activator Spray, specially made in order to activate and speed up the glue drying process for a faster profile fitting
    • High precision Profile Cutters with hardened cutting edges. Specially sourced for clipping AlloyGators to the right size for fitting
    • Tack Lifter
    • Valve Core Remover

All of the products in the kit are also sold separately. If you need more information on any of them you can visit the Fitting Tools section of the the Shop and select the product individually.

Fitting your AlloyGators

We recommend you watch the installation video above in order to gain an understanding of the fitting process. Watch one of our fully trained fitters installing the AlloyGator wheel rim protectors. We have many DIY car enthusiasts who want to fit their own AlloyGators. With this in mind the fitter in the video walks you through the correct step by step fitting process. We created the video for the purpose of providing our customers with a full set of instructions they can easily follow with the intention of preparing and helping you with your installation.

Weight 2.0 g
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