‘I’ve lost count of the number of cars I’ve put AlloyGators on and they’ve genuinely saved me thousands over the years.’
Quentin Willson – Motoring Journalist and Broadcaster – former Top Gear presenter


‘I’ve lost count of the number of cars I’ve put AlloyGators on and they’ve genuinely saved me thousands over the years.

How do I know this? The one time I didn’t get round to installing them on a Range Rover a certain family member (who shall remain nameless) did all four rims in a week. The wheel refurb cost added up to £500.

I think AlloyGators are the best there is.’

Quentin Willson – Motoring Journalist and Broadcaster

'What is the worst sound for a car driver? Well short of kids whining in the back or a full – on smash, for me it’s the slow crunching grind of curbing your alloy wheels for the first time in a car that is new or new to you.

Look at almost any city based car and you’ll be hard pushed to find one that doesn’t have all four wheel rims trashed. Having crunched the nearside front on the very day I got my last new car I resolved to do something about it. That did include a promise to myself that I would become a better parker and it also meant finding a solution that would protect the wheels from alloy repairs at a cost of £100 or more a corner.

My saving has been AlloyGators. These simple devices fit between the rim and the tire and take the brunt of the curbing. Garages in the Alloygator Installer network can usually install them while you wait. It takes less than an hour. You can do it yourself if you’re confident of and save about £40 but if you’re not I wouldn’t recommend it. There’s a knack to getting it right and when well installed they stay in place and provide the protection you need. I prefer the black but they come in a wide range of colors so you don’t have to be understated if you don’t want to. And let’s be honest, its not always your driving you have to worry about. In my case there are three other family members who might not fess up when they have whacked the wheels.

Since I have had them installed to my vehicles they have defended against a few knocks I know about and I’m pretty sure many I don’t and the rims are still in good shape. At less than £100 a set fitted that’s less than the cost of one- wheel repair and a whole lot less grief.’

Mark Goodier
Radio Presenter & Founder
Chairman Wisebuddah


“Hi Blake,
Just a note of thanks for all the time and effort during the last year. You represent an excellent product by Alloygator wheel coverings. The concept and protection saved my 22″ rims and helped me save a great deal of money in the process. They not only look great on the car, but provide more protection than I thought was possible. Enclosed is my phone number, I would be happy to endorse and recommend your products to anyone interested. They are a wonderful solution and they are great protection.
Thanks again
Pat McShane” 
Hans So slow
Hans So slow
14:57 06 Jun 20
Every once in a while you come across a business that really stands out, these guys do this but raise it that bit more. The service I have had from this business is second to none. From my first phone call, to just before I drove away was brilliant. Doing anything during this difficult period of time has been incredible hard, these guys made it so easy. Great communication as to what to do when I get there and helpful, very friendly service when I was there. Well done guys, you’re a credit to... your industry. I absolutely recommend using this business for there service and a really great product, if you want to keep your alloys in mint condition. Thank youread more
Paul Maries
Paul Maries
15:55 17 Mar 20
They had a car in the Redditch Kingfisher shopping centre showing there products, I was quite surprised how good the Quality was at such a reasonable price. I spoke with the team who were very professional and booked my car in, the wheels look amazing and make the car look newer so pleased I had them done. I would recommend alloygattor to anyone
Phil Burden
Phil Burden
15:20 03 Mar 20
This product is amazing its a must have if you want to keep your alloy wheels in tip top condition and protected from the scuffs you get from kurbs. The staff are really helpful and friendly . It doesn't take them long to fit and the end product is amazing. Thank you Martin and all at AlloyGator ?
Annette Wilkes
Annette Wilkes
15:22 28 Feb 20
*** Very highly recommend this place***I have had alloygators fitted on my previous car in red which looked fab against the black body-paint and now on my present car in graphite to match the car body-paint, which look equally as good. High quality product that really does help protect your alloys and looks great too! Excellent customer service and knowledgeable well trained fitters.
Richard Hardesty
Richard Hardesty
13:13 01 Feb 20
Easy to order, prompt delivery and easy to follow instructions. Recommended for moderately capable DIY enthusiast. I found them easy to fit. Recommend using a new/clean rubber mallet so not to scuff the trim. Very pleased with the protection these will give on my other half's kerb sensors...(wheels)
Wendy Cook
Wendy Cook
16:10 04 Jan 20
What an amazing product. It really is a MUST if you want to protect your wheels. Offers complete protection to the wheels and they look brilliant. The team at AlloyGator are super efficient and did an amazing job, thank you. Would highly recommend this product and the Company
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