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Get your AlloyGator customers sent directly to you by our website – for FREE!! We process the sale, send you the stock and then pay your fitting invoice. It really is a no-brainer!

We value our trade partners and work hard to help you promote your fitting service. We encourage customers to purchase their AlloyGators with fitting, enabling us to send customers straight to you!

Five star fitting

Customers on our website are encouraged to purchase their AlloyGators together with fitting for an “all inclusive” price.

As well as encouraging customers to purchase AlloyGators together with fitting, we also offer the fitting service as a standalone product. This is a favourite for customers who’ve already got their AlloyGators but decide to get professional fitting. 

We actively promote our Five Star Fitters across our social media channels.

How does it work?

Our website customer journey is tailored to encourage visitors to purchase their AlloyGators as a fitted product. When the customer adds AlloyGators to the cart, they are prompted to select a fitting option.

The option to add our Five Star Fitting service appears as a discounted bundle price to show the customer value for money.

The customer can select from a dropdown list of all of our Five Star Fitters. They then select one based on location or preference. Why not take a look? 

Once selected, both the AlloyGators and the Fitting Service are added to the cart. The checkout automatically uses the the address of the Five Star Fitter for shipping so that the AlloyGators are shipped directly to the fitter. This enables the fitter to clip up and prepare the set before the customers appointment.

The fitter will receive an email confirming an order for Five Star Fitting. They then simply follow the steps in the email to contact the customer and arrange the appointment.

Upon confirmation of fitting, plus your invoice, we then pay your labour charge directly to you.

Why become a Five Star Fitter?

Five Star Fitters are available to select as an option on our Five Star Fitting Service product, encouraging customers to select your business for fitting.

Only fitters that are Five Star Fitters will show the star icon on the Find a Fitter map, giving customers extra confidence in your business.

Five Star Fitters will also be authorised to use our Five Star Fitter logo on their websites and social media channels to promote fitting services.

Apply to become an AlloyGator 5 Star Fitter