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How to install your alloygators

If you have decided to install AlloyGators yourself, here is everything you need to know!

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Use the suitability gauge to determine if you vehicle is suitable for AlloyGators.
See video below.
Identify your wheel size from the tire sidewall.

Step 2

Jack up the vehicle until the wheel is clear of the ground. Fully deflate tire.
Insert the stainless steel clips serrated edge first into the AlloyGator up to the correct size. Ensure the clips fit flush into the slot and retaining groove. See video below.

Step 3

Spray or wipe rim and tire with mild soapy water.
Starting at the valve, insert the end of the AlloyGator with the hole in, (tab-end) between the rim and tyre and firmly tap in with mallet. See video below.

Step 4

Working anti-clockwise, firmly tap the top of the AlloyGator with the mallet, striking towards the centre of the rim making sure it is in as far as it will go.
Continue tapping the AlloyGator between the wheel and tire around the rim until it overlaps back at the valve.
See video below.

Step 5

Gently tap the AlloyGator back into position making sure the ends mesh together along the locking teeth. Before tapping all the way in, run a small amount of glue along the teeth between the two ends. Firmly tap them into place hitting at a right angle to the wheel to make sure that the ends line up with each other. See video below.

Step 6

Working anti-clockwise, and hitting away from the centre of the rim, seat the AlloyGator onto the wheel all the way round. Do the same for the joint using a square-on blow across both ends at the same time ensuring you apply equal pressure. Avoid hitting one side more firmly than the other. Inflate tyre to 10–15 psi and repeat for another rotation.

Step 7

Re-inflate the tire in accordance with your vehicle handbook and again hitting away from the centre of the rim, seat the AlloyGator into its final position. There should be a slight gap but no more than a 1mm between the AlloyGator and the wheel. See video below.

Step 8

AlloyGator profile, ensure that you do not have a gap at the back of the AlloyGator between it and the tire. Please contact us should you need clarification on this. See video below.

Step 9

To fit the joint cover apply 4-6 dabs of glue evenly onto the underside of the cover and push the peg that is on the underside into the hole in the AlloyGator. Hold in place for 20 seconds. See video below.

Step 10

Lower the wheel to the ground and remove jack. Repeat above until all wheels are protected. See video below.

Step 11

Vehicle tire pressures should be checked an hour after fitting to ensure there is no loss of air and then at regular intervals in accordance with your vehicle handbook. If you damage your AlloyGator please refer to our care advice and 'How To' videos.

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