The pothole problem, every drivers nightmare

It’s every driver’s nightmare.

Potholes are estimated to cause around 1 in 10 mechanical failures on UK roads. Those failures cost motorists approximately £730 million every year. Ever-changing weather conditions and limited council funding mean the problem is unlikely to go away.

What damage can potholes cause?
Potholes can cause a number of issues for your car. The most common problems are wheel scrapes and punctured tires. However, if you’re really unlucky, hitting a pothole can cause premature or irregular tread wear and alignment issues.

What can you do about it?
As well as protecting alloy wheels from curbing, AlloyGator wheel protectors can guard against some pothole damage.

AlloyGators sit between the wheel and tire and protrude slightly over the wheel rim. The rounded edge of the protectors absorbs the impact from curbing and pothole edges, protecting alloy wheels from scratches and dents. AlloyGators reinforce tire wall strength and absorb the impact from curbs or pothole edges, helping to protect tires against punctures.

With very little automotive know-how and one of our official Fitting Kits, you can fit AlloyGators yourself. If you’d rather leave it to the experts, we have an extensive network of specially trained Five Star fitters who can fit our protectors for you in no time at all.

Use our Find a Fitter search to find a Five Star Fitter in your area and start protecting your car against the UK’s growing pothole problem.

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