Top five things you need to know about AlloyGator wheel protectors

1. AlloyGator wheel protectors can cover existing wheel damage

Scuff your wheel recently? Maybe you’ve only just heard about our wheel protectors. AlloyGators are designed to protect wheels against curb and pothole damage, but can also be used to cover up existing wheel scuffs. AlloyGators sit between the wheel and tire, slightly overlapping the wheel rim, meaning any existing damage can also be covered.

2. The color runs throughout the rim protectors

AlloyGator wheel protectors are colored throughout, so a scuff or scrape won’t remove coloring. Consequently, your AlloyGator rim protectors keep that brand new look for longer! Also, you can buy one our AlloyGator Keyring Clean Up Tools to remove surface scuffs to your AlloyGators.

3. AlloyGators can protect against tire wall damage

Our AlloyGator wheel rim protectors protrude over the edge of the alloy wheel rim, therefore any impact to the wheel rim is absorbed by the AlloyGator and not the wheel or tire wall.

4. AlloyGators are suitable for 98% of wheel and tire combinations

AlloyGator wheel protectors are suitable for different wheel and tire combinations, including run flat tires. So, to make things easier for you, our suitability gauge will tell you if your alloy wheel and tire combination is suitable for AlloyGator fitting. What’s next? Visit one of our official AlloyGator fitters to check if your wheel and tire combination is compatible!

5. AlloyGator wheel protectors are available in fifteen stylish colors

Finally, AlloyGators can provide discreet or more noticeable protection for alloy wheels. The rim protectors are available in discreet colors including black, graphite and silver, and also in more noticeable colors such as red, orange, yellow and blue.

Ultimately, there’s only one thing to do. Buy your award-winning AlloyGator wheel rim protectors with Five Star Fitting from one of our official Five Star Fitters! No fuss, quick fitting for long lasting, durable alloy wheel protection.

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