Rubber Mallet 1Kg


Our 1100g dead-blow rubber mallet has been specifically sourced for the purpose of fitting the AlloyGator profile to the alloy wheel rim. Developed in conjunction with the AlloyGator profile, our dead-blow mallet is the correct weight and composition to ensure the best possible fitting results when fitting your alloy wheel rim protectors.

The Mallet weighs 1100g, has a fibre glass handle for a firm grip and is available in black.

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We have specifically sourced the 1100g dead-blow rubber mallet with the AlloyGator wheel rim protector fitting process in mind. Use the mallet to knock the AlloyGator into place on the wheel rim during the fitting process.

Specially designed for precision work, the dead-blow mallet is the correct weight and composition for fitting AlloyGators.

The head of the Mallet is filled with sand so the energy of the strike is distributed over a longer period of time to reduce rebound. As a result it will provide the best results when fitting your rim protectors.

Weight 1110.0 g

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